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Warranty and return policy


For all products sold on the website you benefit from warranty certificates according to the legislation in force and the warranty policy of the manufacturer Inada Family Co. Ltd. through the only Authorised Dealer in Europe: SC JHC INTERNATIONAL SRL.
If the product breaks down during the warranty period, the repair is provided by your own service department or by an authorised technician from the authorised service network.  In the event of a malfunction during the warranty period, the repair will be made with new parts, offered free of charge, the warranty covering the cost of parts and the cost of labor.
The authorised technical staff will determine the defect and decide whether the product requires a complete replacement or the repair will be carried out at your location or the product must be taken in order to carry out the repair.
The warranty is provided on the basis of the invoice issued upon purchase of the product, where the warranty period and the start date of the warranty, the series of the product will be mentioned.
The warranty offered is 2 years, with the possibility of extension, at the time of purchase, up to 5 years.
The warranty does not cover defects caused by non-compliance with the operating conditions in the user manual; in case of damage caused by any mechanical shock: impact, electric shock, damage caused by liquids or fire or storage in improper conditions or damage caused by condensation or excessive moisture conditions, or natural calamities, or damage caused by repairs or interventions performed by personnel not authorised by our company.
In case of a technical problem of the products, for solution, it is mandatory to contact the technical department, only in writing, at the email address:

Return policy
You can request the return of purchased products within 5 days from the date of delivery of the products. The return request and the justification for the return of the products must be made in writing to our email address:
The return request will be answered within a maximum of 28 days. The return can only be made if the product will be returned in its complete packaging, undamaged, and the product shows no signs of use and/or signs of damage.
The cost of return shipping will be borne by the customer.
Information note: For orders paid by card, the amount will be returned to the same card used for the transaction, within 3-30 days of accepting the return.
The guarantee is only offered for products purchased from the website, and only when proof of purchase can be made on the basis of the invoice.