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iCOCOON, an elitist massage chair that redefines the concept of relaxation!

Sophisticated design for exclusive interiors.
Adjustable airbags for personalized comfort.
Revolutionary massage technology, able to adapt according to the physical condition of each user.

60 years of technological evolution.

Airbags with superior performance ensure unprecedented comfort.

Unique robotic massage system: memory foam pillows!

Create relaxation sessions customized to your preferences! The intensity of the air cushions can be adjusted individually on each area of ​​the body. Thus, you can enjoy a gentle foot massage, while the back area is firmly massaged at the end of an active day!

Durable design made of durable materials, perfect for intensive use!

The material is designed to withstand wear and tear, while also being pleasant to the touch.

Massage chair with memory system for your favorite program

Favorite massage settings can be stored in memory and can be activated whenever you feel the need for a new relaxation session.The air cushions are contoured according to the shape of the body, adjusting individually according to the person sitting in the massage chair.

Supervised by the interior designer
Tomoko Ikegai

Ikegai Tomoko/Architect/Designer
After working at Architectural Design Office (Matsuda Hirata Sekkei), she established IKG Co., Ltd. in 2006. In addition to designing Futakotamagawa/Tsutaya Home Appliances, B&B Italia Tokyo showroom, custom luxury homes and villas, she also extend the career to commercial facilities.

“We will raise the latest artificial intelligence massage managed by the Inada Family to the best world. It all started with these words from the Inada president. I think that is why we needed to go beyond the realm of massage chairs. Something in which to be wrapped. It’s a meditative experience. It’s not a chair anymore. It’s a butterfly. Everyday life is full of technology and wisdom Family Inada. I am proud to have witnessed the birth of iCOCOON.”

The new professional massage chair is made of soft materials, delicate in contact with the skin, which ensures a comfortable environment for long-term relaxation.

A unique design and a massage technology that keeps pace with the needs of your body

Massage chair with built-in LEDs

Each side panel is equipped with a built-in LED light, which amplifies the feeling of relaxation you experience during the massage. People are born with a biological rhythm, also known as the “body clock”. This light model was developed in collaboration with Dr. Kenji Obayashi, a research professor assigned to Nara Medical University.
Effects of light on biological rhythms. We offer an unprecedented relaxation experience to people living in modern society, where maintaining the balance between mind and body is a challenge.

Relaxation through music and robotic massage

To amplify the mental comfort offered by this armchair with massage, you can listen to your favorite music by connecting to Bluetooth. The massage chair imitates the movements of massage experts to provide complete body relaxation, similar to that of a massage parlor.