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Massage Chair Inada Robo

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Inada Robo professional massage chair from the Japanese manufacturer FAMILY INADA
Inada Robo Electric Massage Chair
Made in Japan
4D massage + A.I. 112 Air bags
Remote control: 10.1 inch Touch tablet

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Product Descripition

Massage chair Inada Robo

Inada Robo is one of the most popular massage chairs, with an extremely advanced mechanism, setting new quality standards in the industry. This technology aims to reproduce to perfection the massage performed by professionals and to imitate manual movements as faithfully as possible. Inada Robo is one of the most recommended massage chairs, thanks to the special technology that recognizes and remembers the unique settings and needs of each user. A.I. technology uses a continuous scan during the massage program, to continuously adapt to the degree of muscle tension. This professional massage chair manages to adjust the speed and intensity of the massage, adapting to the needs and type of the user’s muscles.

Functions of the Inada Robo massage chair

24 automatic programs + 9 manual programs
Back and sole heating
4D massage + A.I.
Login with facial recognition
Silent operation
10.1″ touchscreen remote control to control settings
Speakers with noise reduction effect outside
Massage with air cushions
Shiatsu massage
Arm massage with the 5 Fingers Technique
Deep reflexology with 3D technique
Hybrid mechanism of massage rollers for the back area

Dimensions of the Inada Robo massage chair

Size in normal position 142 cm (height)*106 cm (width)*135 cm (length)
Size in folded position 97 cm (height)* 106 cm (width)* 220 cm (length)
Massage chair weight 115 kg

Unique features

Personalized massage programs for body and mind relaxation sessions.
Mechanism with Artificial Intelligence that scans the skeletal structure, the shape of the muscles, detects the shiatsu points and identifies the level of muscle stiffness for a massage as close as possible to your physical condition.

Massage chair for relaxation with facial recognition

This professional massage chair with Artificial Intelligence automatically detects the musculoskeletal structure and locates the shiatsu points on the whole body, using this information to personalize the massage. Inada Robo also scans the level of muscle stiffness to determine the speed and intensity of the rollers. When the muscles are tense, the rollers will provide a slow and deep massage, gradually moving to a softer and more rhythmic massage as the muscles relax. Facial recognition allows each family member to easily log in with their unique settings, just by sitting down and looking at the tablet screen.

Massage Chair with hybrid massage mechanism

The hybrid massage mechanism A.I. and the “5 fingers” technique, imitates the sensation offered by the massage performed by professionals. Thus, this Inada Robo professional massage chair can successfully replace any qualified personal masseuse.

Massage chair with independent massage units for each part of the body

Concentrate the massage on certain parts of the body and select the areas you prefer to avoid (due to injuries, etc.) If you do not have a specific program in mind, this professional massage chair will recommend a program based on the current state of the body.

Massage chair with 4 speakers and noise reduction function

Improve your relaxation session by listening to your favorite music by connecting to your tablet or smartphone.