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Massage Chair Inada Lupinus Light

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Massage and relaxation armchair with programs focused on individual areas of the body.

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Product Descripition

Massage chair with Artificial Intelligence

The intensity is regulated by an Artificial Intelligence mechanism, which automatically adjusts the massage according to the degree of stiffness of the muscles. As the muscles relax, the massage becomes slower.

Electric massage programs for relaxation

“Feel good” massage program, specially focused on certain muscle areas
“Concentration up” massage program
“Vitality up” massage program for revitalization
Massage program with stretching

Dimensions of the Inada Lupinus Light massage chair

Size in normal position: 106 cm (height), 81 cm (width), 132 cm (length)

Size in folded position: 90 cm (height), 81 cm (width), 187 cm (length)

Massage Chair weight: 75 kg

Personalized massage programs for physical and mental health

Artificial Intelligence technology scans the skeletal structure, detects Shiatsu points, evaluates the size and shape of the muscles.

Robotic foot massage program

This professional massage chair includes the dedicated program for relaxing the legs and soles. The air cushions positioned at the level of the foot perform centrifugal, centripetal, stretching movements, as well as rhythmic pressure movements of the Shiatsu points located on the surface of the foot.

Electric arm massage program

The electric massage chair is equipped with air cushions that are placed on the right and left side, performing centrifugal and centripetal movements on the arms. The air cushions also rhythmically massage the Shiatsu points of the arms.

Data storage system

The Therapina massage chair collects information about the physical condition of each user. Afterwards, the massage chair adapts the techniques, intensity and programs according to the body’s requirements.