Best massage chair in the world

Inada Family introduces the first ever infrared body scan. When you sit in the Inada Dreamwave before you begin any massage program, The chair will automatically initiate an optical point sensor body scan. During this scan the rollers are performing an up and down movement in order to detect your height shape and shiatsu points to create a profile of your unique back.

The traditional Japanese medicine explain that the shiatsu points or acupressure points are the points on the body through which energy called Qi or Ki in Japanese flows. Together, these points make up meridians- a network of shiatsu points that correspond to specific organs in the body.

When a meridians are blocked, this results with an imbalanced in the body’s energy system which can result in emotional imbalance or physical illness.. The traditional therapeutic shiatsu massage and acupressure work to remove these block and bring alignment back to the body’s energy system. The new scanning program of the Inada Dreamwave allow to compare the profile with 106 preprogrammed profiles on the chair. The closest match is selected and the rollers are automatically adjusted to give you a custom-fit shiatsu massage.

New 2020 3D Rollers Massage HighTech

The 3D roller movement allow movements executed vertically, side to side( horizontally and inward ( protruding forward). The 3th movement give you control over how deep the rollers need to penetrate into your back and the intensity of the massage.

The rollers utilise Inada Patented technology that moves in a figure pattern as they roll across the back. This movement mimics the movement of a real human hand can perform similar to a therapist massage. It also enables the rollers to cover over 1200 square inches- the most comprehensive coverage of any massage chair in the world.

Finger press passage also known as shiatsu was first originally developed in Japan and has been referred to a needless acupuncture. The rollers move from the neck down to the tailbone and into the seat, providing excellent coverage of the glutes.

Neck and shoulder massage

Air massage

Arms and Hands

Hips, Thights and Buttock

Calves and Feet

Back and seat heat therapy

Back and seat Vibration Massage

Foot massage

Designer Aesthetics

Leather- Like or Genuine Leather Upholstery

Extendable ottoman

Massage techniques and auto programs: kneading, human hands, double kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, shiatsu, rolling.

Health Care Auto-programs:

  • Full Body
  • Full Body Air
  • Youth
  • Quick

Wellbeing Auto Programs

  • Morning
  • Night
  • Stretch
  • Dreamwave

To activate the deep relaxation version of a massage press and hold the program button for two seconds.

Manual model and customisation options:

  • Massage directions
  • Massage speed
  • 3D Roller Intensity
  • Back Vibration
  • Air Massage Location
  • Massa Techniques
  • Massage Width
  • Roller Position
  • Heat Therapy
  • Mute Button

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