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Massage Chair 3S Flex

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This Inada 3S Flex massage chair is a special product for improving body flexibility and mobility.

It offers massage programs with stretching to relax muscles and joints.

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Product Descripition

Professional massage chair

This massage armchair differs from standard products, both in its imposing design, durable materials and functionality.

Massage programms

3D Push-Out mechanism

4D massage rollers

Detection of Shiatsu points

Massage with air compression

Heating massage for the lower back and seat

Easier to use than you might think!

Flex 3S is equipped with an amazing range of features, but it is much easier to use than you might imagine. Thanks to the presets, you can enjoy your first professional massage with a simple push of a button.

Massage programs with stretching

This massage chair offers programs for full body stretching, as well as specific robotic massages, focused on different areas where you feel fatigue or stiffness.

Massage chair with Shiatsu point detection technology

The Shiatsu points are automatically located by the optical sensors according to the shape of the user’s body, which creates a personalized and more effective massage.

Fixed point massage programs

This professional massage chair includes massage programs for relaxing different areas on the back surface, which also helps correct posture. The main cause of back pain is the compression of the spinal disc, and the massage relieves this pressure, offering an almost instant feeling of relaxation of the back discomfort.

Massage armchair with heating in the lumbar area

The heating function of the Inada 3S Flex massage chair targets the lumbar area, the seat area and the arms.Hand heating massage is ideal for those suffering from arthritis, and foot heating is beneficial for people who stand for several hours a day.