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Inada Flex 3S Flex Massage Chair

A massage chair becomes a presence that supports the “health” of your family.
Supporting your family’s health with a massage chair.
54 years of accumulated experience and FAMILY INADA arrived at the answer.
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A new idea to improve your BISHIRYOKU (power of beautiful posture)


First the 3S will warm up the body in preperation for professional stretching.


FS-Stretching is a new and unique approach to supporting a beautiful posture. This is achieved by the backbone forming into a perfect S-curve. The stretching angle and twisting works the inner abdominal muscles enhancing abdominal flexibility. Deep breathing is induced by pushing up the back, so that the diaphragm can be stretched.


Improve your “bishiryoku” achieving S-line with the 3S massage chair, incorporating Tadashi Kaneko’s S-stretching theory.

Detecting shiatsu points throughout the body and understanding effective massage points

Shiatsu points are automatically found by optical sensors according to the user’s body shape.

This unique technology is able to locate Shiatsu points using optical sensors. Finding the Shiatsu points creates a more effective and personalised massage. Aches and pains can be effectively relieved by a perfect massage with a system developed through experience and technology.

Embrace Massage

Enables a deeper massage with a firm embrace from the shoulders to the upper arms. Massages to penetrate aches and pains with running rollers while firmly embracing with airbags


Four Seesaw Type Running Rollers & Ultra Slow System

Relieves excess stimulation and lumpy feeling, and realises firm massage nearly equal to professional massage techniques. Body pressure is distributed at four points to relieve unpleasant lumpy feeling. Also, the ultra slow system moves so slowly that it nearly comes to a stop, it realises a firm massage.

Healthcare Programs

Automatic programs of massage flows created by professional massage theory. The programmed theory of therapy provided by professional massagers realises fine massage according to the user’s symptons.


3D Push-Out Mechanism

Adjusts the intensity with air specific flexibility, and perfects a steady massage feeling. Running rollers pushed out by airbags move in three dimensions to fit the body. Penetrates aches and pains.

4D Massage Heads

Some people think that the 4D concept is a marketing gimmick, but there’s something to it.

If a chair is designed around an S-Track, the rollers already move in three dimensions. They can move Up/Down (Y-Axis), Left/Right (X-Axis) and In/Out (following the curve of your spine, Z-Axis). The 4D concept is an extension of the arms that hold the rollers, enabling them to move away from the track by up to two additional inches.

This capability allows the rollers to even more closely mimic the feel of human hands, and provides a deeper, more satisfying massage overall.

Loaded With Options

No Inada Flex 3S review would be complete without drawing special attention to the sheer number of massage options the model provides. As we’ve said, more than five hundred possible combinations, which is far more than any comparably priced chair offers, making this one of its stand-out features.

Even better, many of the options you’re most likely to use take the form of automated routines you can access with the touch of a single button. For starters, the Flex3S offers what the company describes as “Healthcare Sessions.” These are: massage and stretch, full body stretch, full body massage, lower body focus.

Also available at the touch of a button are two exercise-oriented “Conditioning Sessions:” : warmup and cooldown

Where the manual settings are concerned, the following massage techniques are available: kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, rolling, human hands, shiatsu

Across all these options, both speed and intensity can be adjusted via the remote through three settings.

Air Massage Mode

Most of the Inada Flex 3S massage chair reviews you find on the internet claim this as the chair’s #1 feature, and it’s certainly true that nobody does Air Massage Mode quite like Inada.

The Flex 3S uses a staggering 50 Second Generation airbags strategically located throughout the chair to render its full body air massage, and it is a sublime experience. (Note: as impressive as that sounds, bear in mind that the Dreamwave, which this model is based on, has 101 airbags!)

Although this model does not feature Zero-G seating, once the air massage begins, you’ll feel utterly weightless.

Even better, you can enjoy the air massage in “full-body” mode, or you can selectively activate the airbags by body region. These are: arm, leg, back

Easier To Use Than You Might Think

While it’s true that the Flex 3S comes with a staggering array of features, this massage chair is much easier to use than you might imagine it to be.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a learning curve. Any chair that offers more than 500 massage combinations is bound to have one, but you can tell that Inada spent a lot of time on the design of the remote, and it paid off.

While it might take a couple of days to master everything this chair can do, thanks to the presets, you can be enjoying your first world-class massage with literally the press of a button.

Heat Function

While we admire and appreciate the implementation of this feature, there is one change we’d like to see.

Currently, heat is only offered in the foot wells and armrests.

While hand heat is glorious, especially for those who suffer from arthritis, and foot heat is always appreciated by people who are on their feet for several hours a day, lumbar heat is a glaring omission in our view.

After all, most people purchase a massage chair because of back pain – it just seems like a natural fit to include lumbar heat, especially if you’re going to offer heat elsewhere. In any case, the fact that heat is present at all is a huge plus, and its locations are sure to please a broad swath of the market, our complaint aside, so we have to count that as an excellent feature addition.

Body Stretch Function

This is another feature that our Inada Flex 3S review would be incomplete without. In terms of naming the model’s most impressive feature, it would be difficult to choose between the air massage and the body stretch, which is outstanding.

From a purely therapeutic point of view, we’d probably have to pick the body stretch, but there is admittedly a lot to like about the air massage.

Regarding the body stretch, again, Inada delivers in style. You can opt for either a full body stretch or you can select a specific region for a more specialized stretch. Those regions are: lower back stretching, full body stretch, posture straightening.

The reason that body stretching matters is this: the primary cause of back pain is spinal disc compression. Stretching relieves that pressure, providing almost instant pain relief if you suffer from chronic back pain.

The stretch is quite robust and has the same basic effect as going to your chiropractor to get an adjustment, with the advantage being that you can do it from the comfort of home, any time you like. The fact that you can pick from a total of four variations on the theme is just icing on the cake. We love this feature!

Extendable Ottoman (Sort Of)

We regard the Ottoman as a bit of a stumble for the model. While the product description and the well-written and surprisingly clear Inada Flex 3S manual both indicate the presence of an extension module on the Ottoman, the maximum height the chair is rated for is still 6’2”.

If you’re taller than that, you can still get a great back massage, but you run the risk of getting a subpar calf and foot massage, which we found disappointing.

Adjustable Timer (Sort Of)

All of the massage programs, whether manual or automatic, default to a thirty-minute duration.

While you are unable to reduce the total massage time, you can stop the massage at any point with one button, and you can start a new program, even in the middle of a massage, which will reset the timer, effectively adding time.

This is not as good as being able to control the specific duration of any given massage, but are workarounds that most people will find acceptable.

Calf & Foot Massage

This chair offers both a calf and foot massage, although it has no foot rollers. While it’s true that the air massage is sublime, we regard this as a weakness in the design. Rollers simply provide a more flexible, robust massage in this area.

That’s not to say you won’t enjoy the feature. With the air massage, as one of the Flex 3S’ hallmarks, you’re going to get a quality leg and foot massage. Plus, the addition of heat makes it even better. In fact, if you spend several hours a day on your feet, it’s fair to say this will probably be your favorite feature. We just feel it could be made even better with the inclusion of rollers.

A Well-Written Manual

This is a minor point, and not often mentioned in other reviews, but we felt it was important enough to warrant a nod. Most product manuals are cryptic at best, outright horribly written at worst.

That’s not the case with the Flex 3S. Everything is clear, all the instructions are precise, and it leaves no stone unturned. Even if you’re not technically oriented, you’ll find it quite easy to understand, which is a small but important bonus.

Easier To Use Than You Might Think

While it’s true that the Flex 3S comes with a staggering array of features, this massage chair is much easier to use than you might imagine it to be.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a learning curve. Any chair that offers more than 500 massage combinations is bound to have one, but you can tell that Inada spent a lot of time on the design of the remote, and it paid off.

While it might take a couple of days to master everything this chair can do, thanks to the presets, you can be enjoying your first world-class massage with literally the press of a button.

“Low Body” program with added emphasis on the lower back and legs.

Recommended for eliminating fatigue in muscles of the lower back to the pelvic region or legs after physical activity or long hours of standing on the job.

Our colours

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  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Ivory
Model Name/NumberINADA Flex 3S HCP-S333 DEU
Power Supply100V – 230V AC (50-60HZ)
Power Consumption130W (with heater ON), rated power consumption of heater only: 16W
Outer CoveringSynthetic leather
Reclining AngleApprox. 115 – 165 degrees from floor level Continuous motion (Automatic reclining)
Supplied ItemsAC cord, buffer pad, shiatsu ball×2, remote control pocket, screw set, T-wrench
Standard priceOpen price
Medical Device Manufacturer/
Distributor License No.
Chair Dimensions/
Depth: Approx. 133cm Weight: Approx. 75kg

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1 review for Inada Flex 3S Flex Massage Chair

  1. Eric

    Amazing chair We love our new Medical Chair Inada 3S Flex. My wife use it everyday, we may purchase another one soon. Greetings Eric

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