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Inada DUET HCP-WG1000 Massage Chair

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A massage chair becomes a presence that supports the “health” of your family.
Supporting your family’s health with a massage chair.
54 years of accumulated experience and FAMILY INADA arrived at the answer.
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Entire body sensation.

We knew it, DUET makes you feel great!

Massages hamstrings (biceps femoris muscle, semimembranous muscle, and semitendinosus muscle) by the two-finger kneading method as if holding them.

Massages calves as if holding them and firmly applies shiatsu-like flows by rotating projections with quick thrusts.

Massages toes as if holding them. In addition, massages the feet by six rotating projections with pressure and force.

The air bags gently hold the forearm region and relieves stiffness of the entire arm. In addition, the equipped “hand heater” relaxes the body by warming the hands.

Holds the base of the neck securely, and massages it by pressing hard with a shiatsu feeling like kneading. Stretches the neck as if tilting the head.

Deeply massages muscles at the back of the shoulders that easily stiffen by diagonal movements along the edges of the shoulder blades.

These rollers extend up to approximately 20 cm outward to massage the lower back extensively to external areas that easily fatigue.

The running rollers which reach deeply near the buttocks massage the gluteus maximus and piriformis muscles near the sciatic nerve.

First massage chair in the industry with 2 engines.

  • 8-Axis Intelligent Massage System
  • Realizing a massage area of approximately 140 cm
  • Annular deep massage mechanism

The industry’s ,,rst “8-axis intelligent massage system” has realized independent movements for the appropriate treatment amount on each left-right side, in addition to conventional up-down driving and push-out function in the right-left and front-back directions.


This enables a muscle stiffness massage which may differ on the left and right sides depending on the person and his or her body usage.


The 8-axis intelligent massage system provides treatment that approaches a massage by professional human hands, „rmly massaging the suboccipital muscles, trapezius muscles, levator scapulae muscles, rhomboideus muscles, erector muscles of the spine, piriformis muscle, and gluteus maximus in the upper body toward the center of the body.

What’s [8-axis]

Four axes indicate the unique twisting movement (axis) called the twist “push-out” added to the left-right (massage), front-back (tapping) and up-down (lifting) movements of a conventional machine. Since they are present on both sides, there are 8 axes.

The “annular deep massage mechanism” which has a total of 48 pointillage heads pursues movements of two-,,nger kneading by professionals. It massages main muscles (hamstring*) in the posterior region of the thigh such as the biceps femoris muscle, semimembranosus muscle, and semitendinosus muscle, which was not possible by conventional air massage pressing and relaxing (compared with our ordinary product).

*1: Generic name for muscles in the posterior region of the thigh such as biceps femoris muscle, semimembranosus muscle, and semitendinosus muscle.

*2: Equipped with a massage mechanism which provides movements from the back of the neck to the buttocks and a massage mechanism which provides movements from the thighs to the calves. Each has independent      vertical operation control. (Internal study as of July 2013)

Pursing the “centrifugal method and centripetal method” drawn from the  “flow” of the body

Night. Before sleeping.

Massages the entire body in such a manner as to carefully expand it by massage and shiatsu. “Stimulates blood flow in the body, assists blood flow to the extremities” to relieve the entire body.

Morning. After waking up.

Massages the entire body in such a manner as to firmly draw it by massage and rollers. “Returns blood flow which is dificult to return from the extremities to the heart,” relieves fatigue in the calves to refresh the entire body.

Massage position advanced from “flat” to “zero gravity”

Ideal treatment by a massage chair indicates how to relieve the entire body while reducing load, and how to appropriately massage according to the “S-shaped line” of the body. FAMILY INADA focuses attention on zero gravity of the “post-gravity load” through unique research. We have enabled a relaxing massage in a comfortable position that resembles a zero gravity environment since the entire chair supports the body evenly to reduce load on muscles.


Pursuit of massage according to person, region, and stiffness

Shape differs between the upper body and lower body. A specially designed mechanism with an optimum shape is required for an appropriate massage. For uneven stiffness caused by body distortion, it is important to massage each of the left and right sides intensely. What solves this problem once for all is our newly developed “W Engine.” It enables a massage according to the user.

Optical Sensor automatically locates optimum shiatsu points

FAMILY INADA’s proprietary Optical Sensor Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator System correctly locates shiatsu points which vary from person to person depending on body type. This enables effective massage by grasping individual pressing and massage points.

New healthcare program enabled by the 8-axis intelligent massage system

We developed a healthcare program that employs a left-right massage balance specific to the

“W Engine.” This relieves stiffness and fatigue caused by daily lifestyle habits.

You have complete freedom through programs, intensity, focused zone.

Since its foundation more than 50 years ago, as a leader in the massage chair market, FAMILY INADA has strived to develop a mechanism that fits and soothes the human body.

The challenge we faced in that process was how to solve differences between the structures of the upper body and lower body. The solution is our proprietary “Dual Harmony.” We have achieved a “massage” with two mechanisms.

Model Name/NumberINADA DUET HCP-WG1000
Power Supply100V – 230V AC (50-60HZ)
Power Consumption150 W (Rated power consumption of heater only: 12 W)
Outer CoveringSynthetic leather, polyester
Reclining AngleApprox. 118° to 153° from floor level, continuous motion
(Automatic reclining)
Supplied ItemsPower Cord, Remote Control Pocket, Buffer Pad
Medical Device Approval No.225AKBZX00065000
Standard priceOpen price
Medical Device Manufacturer/
Distributor License No.
Chair Dimensions/
HCP-S333 Size
Approx. 80kg

Available Colors

Ivory (IV)Black (B)Navy Blue (NB)Red (RD)

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2 reviews for Inada DUET HCP-WG1000 Massage Chair

  1. Hellen Duffy

    Foot rollers massage is amazing. I love the fact that is so easy to get in and out of it. We use it as normal chair as well. Looks great in our living room. Thank you for fast delivery. Hellen

  2. Eva Martin

    Amazing foot massage.Can’t wait to get home and relax in my new Inada Duet massage chair. I have recommended you to my work colleagues- expect more orders to come. Greeting Eva

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