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NEW! New Inada Dreamwave massage chair 2020
NEW! Upgraded 3D
NEW! Patented shiatsu point detection
NEW! Full body air compression massage
NEW! Upper shoulder massage
NEW! Vibration massage on the seat and back
NEW! Heat Therapy on the lower back seat
NEW! Automatic Recline
NEW! Night massage

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massage chair Inada dreamwave


Inada Dreamwave

Family Inada mission is committed to be the leaders in the massage chair industry and continuously developing the best possible massage chair products to improve health and wellness. With over 60 years of experience the Family Inada brand synonymous the best quality and value.

World’s Best Massage Chair

Award-winning design

A High -End Massage chair

Massage chair’s award-winning design and unrivaled craftsmanship make it beautiful addition to your home or office, made in Japan.

massage chair Inada dreamwave
massage chair Inada Dreamwave


Amazing full body relaxation seeking perfection

The 3D massage roller of the Inada Dreamwave allows the massage intensity to adjust from deep to gentle making the massage feel more humanistic.

The air-actuated mechanism moves in and out giving you an incredible therapeutic massage to remove your daily stresses and tension. The 29” Roller ensures that the massage will reach from your neck to the top of your tailbone.


Shiatsu Point Detection

Body-scanning technology and customizes each massage session specifically to your body’s profile.

massage chair Inada Dreamwave

Inada Dreamwave

massage chair Inada Dreamwave

Air compression massage

The 100 airbags are located at the expertly placed areas around the hands, feet, soles, calves, seat, arms, shoulders, neck, and waist with gently embracing air cells provide soothing, rhythmic compressions- amazing full body massage for mind and muscles.

Unique Shoulder Massage

The Shoulder Massage is unique in the Inada Dreamwave. Shiatsu pads are supplied that you can swap in and out for a deeper or lighter massage.

2020 Inada Massage Chair
Massage chiar Inada

Vibration mechanisms

Vibration mechanisms are located in the seat and back of the Inada Dreamwave massage chair. The soothing vibrations add to your sense of calm and relaxation.

Heat Lower Back and seat Therapy

Best massage chair with warming pads are located at the lumbar and seat area of the Inada Dreamwave. This helps to heat your core and improve circulation while soothing muscle fibers for a better and deeper massage experience.

Inada Dreamwave Massage chair 4D
massage chair Inada Dreamwave


The seat back of Inada Dreamwave can be reclined to any angle between approx. 120° and 165° from the floor. The angle of the leg rest can be adjusted by approx. 90° according to your preference.

Best in the industry:100 massage airbags

While you relax in the new Inada Massage chair you can easy select the session of your choice and place the remote in the side pocket. The movable upper pad remain at your choice if you wish to keep it during the massage or remove it for better cervical massage.

massage chair Inada Dreamwave
massage chair Inada Dreamwave

Discover the ultimate relaxation with the new: Night Massage

Every massage session brings the best  relaxation moments for you and your family.  Enjoy the: full body massage, full body air bag massage, youth massage, quick massage, morning massage, night massage, stretch massage. The unique Inada Dreamwave massage features are made to improve you health condition and improve blood circulation. Not just with a massage for your body but for your mind.

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair Black

Inada Dreamwave specifications:

Power Supply  AC 120V, AC 220-240V

Power Consumption 208 W

Rated Time: 30 minutes

Kneading speed: 3 levels, from minimum approx. 9 times/ minute to maximum approx 32 times/ minute.

Inada Dreamwave operation speed: Min. 11 times/ minute, maximum 24 times/ minute

Preset programs: Health Programs: 4 types, Well- Being, Programs 4 types

Manual selection model: 15 types ( automatic shiatsu point locator, function included in some programs).

Vibration massage function: Back: 2 Levels ( Min Approx 1975 times/ minute. Max approx 2925 times/ minute). Seat 1 step ( min: approx 1840 times/ minute)

Air presssure: 60 Hz: Approx 38 lPa

Leg rest adjustment approx. 25 cm (10 inch)

Recline angle: approx 120 degrees- 165 from  floor level continuous motion automatic reclining).

Dimensions: Approx: 97 (97) x 139 (210) x 48 (30) inch. ( W/D/H). The figure in () for the width represents the dimensions when the armrests are fully extended. The figures () for the depth and height represent dimensions when the seat bacl is fully reclined and with the leg rest flat.

Weight: Approx. 115 kg (253 Ibs), Chair: approx, 75 kg, ( 165 Ibs.) Arm rests: approx. 22 kg, Leg rest: Approx. 18 kg (40Ibs.)).

Accessories:  Power Cord, T- ahaped Wrech, Buffer Pad ( thick), Buffer Pad ( thin), Shiatsu Pads for Shoulder ( light), (1 each left and right), Shiatsu Pads for Shoulder ( strong) ( 1 each left and right), Shiatsu Pads for Feet ( 1 each left and right).


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2 reviews for INADA 3D DREAMWAVE Massage Chair

  1. Robert

    Top massage chair. Love the new Dreamwave massage chair. Thank you for fast delivery. greetings Robert

  2. Steven

    Love my new Inada Dreamwave massage chair. Thank you for fast delivery

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